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Meet Vlogstar Challenge finalist Shanara Philips.

For The Uninspired Woman: Have you  always had a passion for film making, becoming a YouTube star or winning the Vlogstar challenge but have always been afraid of not being good enough ? 

Then its time to be inspired by Vlogstar finalist Shanara Philips. Below is her final video entry that challenges the perception of Black men in today’s society. 

Although she didn’t win she wrote this

“I came home feeling like I won regardless. To have @noelclarke, someone I’ve admired for the longest as a budding filmmaker, personally come up to me to praise my work, and that mine was the favourites of a lot of the judges such as @ashleywalters
and @mariahidrissi means the world to me. Don’t think I’ve felt that much love in a room for me and my work before. I’ve been working so hard on my craft and I feel like I’m a step closer to that foot in the door. “


Why did you decide to focus on the representation of your brother rather than yourself.  ?

I thought he deserved to be highlighted for all the great and positive things he’s been involved in recently. We don’t see much positive representation of black boys his age in the media.

How has this experience shaped your outlook in the world of technology and media?  

It’s given me more motivation to continue on with my filmmaking as the stories I want to tell seem to be the types of stories other people actually want as well.

What advice would you give advice to those entering the competition next year ? 

Focus your vlog on something that really means something to you, not something you think people want. Have lots of fun with filming and don’t think about it too much


About Shanara Phillips

When did you realise you wanted to be a film maker ?

I’ve always had a background of film and theatre from my childhood into my teen years. I always knew I’d end up doing something in the world of film/tv but I thought I’d start that from writing or journalism but I decided to take that leap of faith to just decide to get a camera and start filming.

What Films / Music videos / YouTube videos have inspired you the most?

Dallas Buyers Club and American Psycho. Any YouTube video from MAZELEE, Casey Nistat or catcreature. Too many music videos to list.

What projects are you currently working on ?

At the moment I’m working on a script and planning short docs. It’s a really exciting time.



Whats your favourite quote ?

“Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” -Toni Morrison

What do you want your legacy to be ?

I just want people to remember me for giving them amazing stories through my films and tv shows. Leave them entertained and feeling like they took something from my work.





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  1. Miss Remy

    Determined,lyrically clever ❤️


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