The Mountain (Poem about Love)

For the Uninspired Woman: When life gets too much, it’s very tempting to lay in bed and think all day. I often find writing very therapeutic (hence the blog). I’ve been slacking for quite some time now because I truly became the uninspired woman. Now im rearing to go and give you all quality content.

As it’s the month of LOVE i’ve decided to write a poem about love….. Enjoy.


He is my tectonic plate,

She is my tectonic plate

and when we collide, we create a divide between two worlds.


Under the sea is where we survive,


the heart of the ocean is what makes us come alive.


No rules, we are addicted to the jewels.

Surrounded by the men at sea, a seaman enriches her soul as he,

looks into her eyes and sees the sea,

a rush he experiences through his bodies…


On top of the mountain is where we can breathe.

We cannot look into each others eyes, because all we see is deceit.

Holding her hands is a crime because we all know that the birds will look in and chime.

He’s not ready for that so he declines, into a world that is not so divine.


His main desire is to unwind,

the earth is full of tangles so she whines.

He’s caught in a web that she cannot find.

She goes to seek for help and for that she turns blind.

She now has to rely on her senses and that can be so unkind.



He falls down the mountain and into the sea,

he’s quick to grab her hand but I told you she cannot see.

The weather starts to change, she starts to shiver.

He cannot complain because his heart beats faster when he’s with her.

The waves are getting rapid, their touch is very tender….. he says

” I wanna see your face”

She smiles and says

“This face you can ever replace”



Thank you for reading my poem, It was written straight from my heart and has a deeper meaning. I would love to hear  your interpretation of it xxxx 


1 comment on “The Mountain (Poem about Love)

  1. Beautiful. You keep doing you! X


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