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Evolution 03: Focus

For The Uninspired Woman: In the heat of destruction and self-doubt sometimes the only thing that can save us from a complete melt down is our ability to  focus on the goals we want to achieve. That doesn’t mean ignoring your trauma but it means putting it on hold whilst you build up the strength to deal with things.


Life happens

A majority of things are out of our control therefore it’s silly to spend too much time dwelling on things. You may be on a solid path to victory and then life happens:  you lose your job or your neighbour dies or you suddenly realise that your partner is never gonna change. Things of this nature can really pull you into a depression and feed on your self-doubt.

I just want to remind you that life happens to all of us and some people are more open about their struggles than others. But as long as you are equipped with the right tools you should be able to pull through.


So you’re emotionally drained and have no idea what on earth to focus on. ? 

It’s your life and it can be something as simple as cooking  3 interesting new meals a week to passing your theory test or finishing a book every month. 

Remember focus on something that you’re passionate about.  Write it down and don’t give up on yourself, also don’t give yourself a deadline and don’t put any pressure on yourself by telling other people. Just make sure you spend time everyday, every other day or schedule into your week. By the time you know it your emotionally drained aura will have something to look forward to and then you’ll gradually set a deadline and achieve it.

The greatest thing about focusing on you want to achieve is that regardless of when life happens you’re so indulged in your goal and targets  that there will be other ways (resources ) to achieve your goal!  


Tilly wanted to learn how to knit scarfs and gloves with the hopes of selling it online during the winter season. She practiced twice a week and within two months she was intermediate but wasnt confident enough to sell her products online. Life happened and Tilly spent more time looking after her sick sister then knitting. By the time the winter season came, Tilly was not selling because she wasnt skilled enough. This didn’t stop her, although she wasn’t physically knitting, (resources) she decided to watched YouTube videos every night  to expand her knowledge. By the time it was spring Tilly ordered everything she needed online and was not only knitting but she was crochets tops for summer season.


Benefits of focusing on your goals

  • You produce higher quality
  • Less Stress
  • Focusing allows your subconscious to do the work 
  • Goals guide your focus
  • Self satisfaction


See you next week Tuesday for Health is wealth


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