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How to live a fulfilling lifestyle

For the uninspired woman: It’s time we start living our best life in the most fulfilling way. There is no blue print on how to lead a 100% full proof fulfilling lifestyle but surely if we have the ability to repeat negative and toxic cycles, we can repeat positive and uplifting cycles.

Fulfilment: The achievement of something desired promised or predicted. The meeting of a requirement, condition or need.

What makes you fulfilled ?

For many of us there isn’t one thing that fulfil us, there are several. It could be the smallest thing in the world from spending an hour baby sitting to creating an event for over 300 people. Regardless of what it is, I want you to remember that there is no wrong or right answer, it’s genuinely down to you and what makes you feel happy, at peace and excited all in one.


When you live in a fast pace environment you don’t tend to spend time reflecting unless you’re on a long bus journey and you’ve left your headphones or book at home. Reflecting is something that aids personal growth. Reflecting gives meaning to an experience, it provides an opportunity to establish your expectations and goals.

When reflecting think about:

Who you were with ?

What you were doing ?

How did it make you feel ?

If a majority of your fulfilling moments were surrounded by a particular person in your past, try to detach yourself from the individual. The last thing you want to do is rely on someone other than yourself to fulfil you. Just focus on the particular traits of that person. Therefore you will be able to understand what traits you are attracted to, compatible with and attract.

Write it down !

Make it easy for yourself and write everything down that adds joy to your day!

That could be anything from daily tasks that make you feel happy, whether that be cleaning the bathroom, wearing a particular scent, eating your favourite food, your favourite TV programme,  a particular person you like to email or speak to on the phone, an uncle that you love to visit, a particular sports event that you may attend.

Write it all down and find ways to incorporate that into your week! Its all about having a balance so, no having papa johns pizza everyday will not make you feel amazing lol.

Be Careful

The last thing you want to do is try and re create those exact moments because they will never be exactly the same and you don’t want to be stuck trying to re create happy moments forever.

I’ll give you two examples one person is stuck trying to recreate fulfilling moments and the other is free creating fulfilling moments.

Meet Leanne 36, she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 4 years,  they were so in love and attentive to each other in the first couple of years and things started going downhill when she quit her job to follow her dreams of becoming a stunt double.

She still loves him and wants to make it work. She read this blog and reflected on the most fulfilling moments she shared with him. She rememered that they use to love going to different Turkish restaurants every Saturday. She decided to make an effort to start weekly dinners again it was exciting but deep inside there was this awkward feeling of anxiety.

The importance of reflection: Leanne and her boyfriend loved going out for dinners because they both busy schedules therefore it was huge relief to see eachother and vent whilst eating great food  (key word/ key feelings of relief, bonding and venting) It wasnt working out for Leanne because she was spending too much time focusing on how to fix her relationship that going out to dinner brought out feelings of desperation and anxiety.

Meet Akaria 28, Every summer since she was 13 she would go camping with her step mums family whcich she thoroughly enjoyed. She focused on the feelings associated with the environment which included laughter, learning and bonding. Her father and step mum had a horrible break up about four years ago and every summer since has been gloomy and full of wishful thinking. Her brother told her to read this blog and she did. One night last summer she decided to have a camp themed night in her back garden with her house mates. She knew it wouldn’t be the same and she wasn’t expecting the same experience. She had so much fun bonding laughing and learning new things about her housemates. She found that moment very fulfilling.


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