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Fighting through the negative thoughts (Really bad day)

For The Uninspired Woman: The great battle of negative thoughts is one we often overlook. Negative thoughts and feeling low can really fuck up your day. Sometimes it feels like a never ending battle, One minute life is great and things are going well and the next you’re procrastinating, hating everyone in the world and wanting to spend time alone. So many triggers and no solutions. 

Never Give Up

Never give up is the mantra I live by.  It has motivated me through some of my darkest hours and has pushed me to achieve certain goals.  With that being said every saying needs to be taken with a pinch of common sense and moderation. Today I found out that a very talented person decided to close their self made business for the sake of their mental health. Deep down I understood the importance, but surface level me was really disappointed, because her business was amazing and I was inspired by her motivation and dedication. 

When battling mental demons I believe it’s important to Never Give Up, Never fold, for you have the strength within you to overcome it, but it’s not always what we want to hear. The end goal is not to give up, but we have to try and find ways or solutions to change the circumstances that are holding us back.


Our beautiful subconscious is similar to Pandoras box, except anyone can open it. A simlpe word, action or attitude can flare a wave of intense emotions and set you back. Triggers are something we need to work on as individuals. 


Mood & Vex

It feels like there is no turning back once you’ve been triggered.  A flood of negative memories and emotions appear out of nowhere and you’re throughly dissapointed that your brain has brought you back to this place.  The tasks that you usually find comfort in become mundane and you begin to see character flaws in everyone you interact with. All of a sudden you have this urge to be alone and  disconnect from the world.

Sometimes we question whether we will find anyone that understands us.


The best way to overcome this,  is to acknowledge it, be present in your feelings and persevere through. Every down moment isn’t solved by laying in bed or disconnecting. (Although it’s understandable if you do) It’s by knowing that you are still in control.  Focus on your breathing and understand that others in this moment are not trying to attack you. In times when you can’t run home or call the person you need, Smile, take your time with tasks and focus on the task at hand. Focus on your senses and persevere. 


Persevere, for you will find joy and appreciate the little things.







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