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Attempting to end my life, changed my life. Pt 2

For The Uninspired Woman: We have all been through dark stages in our lives, some darker than others. I think it’s important to shed light on those who have weathered the storm. This is part two of the interview where I ask Kate some questions.

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Please describe a memory that made you feel incredibly happy ?

My happiest memory was being on holidays with my mam, step-dad and sister. It was the last family holiday we had before my step-dad passed away and I will always remember sitting by the lake and seeing a harvest moon for the first time. I was about 6 or 7 at this time and it always stands out as my happiest memory.

Whats your favourite body feature ?

I don’t have a stand out feature that I like more than others, I alternate between loving my body and wishing it looked better but ultimately I try my best to stay and shape and accept the things I can’t change about myself.

How would you define supportive friends ?

I would define supportive friends as friends who are honest and open with you and aren’t afraid to tell you the truth but will be there for you no matter what, I’m really lucky to have some great friends who’ve stuck by me through the hard times!

Whats one unique quality about you ?

I think my resilience and dedication, it’s something I often don’t give myself enough credit for! I work two jobs and study in college full time while also balancing problems with my mental and physical health, I often need to remind myself that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and that I’m allowed to take some time for myself to ensure I’m in the best headspace possible.

Mental Health

Whats the most interesting thing you’ve learnt so far on your course ?

I couldn’t even pick one thing that stands out that I’ve learnt in my course, it really is fascinating to learn everyday about mental health and the impact it can have on our lives! I think I’ve learned the most from the amazing service users/patients I’ve met during my clinical practice, they are always so accommodating of the student nurses and often have really fascinating stories to tell!

When you have children how do you think you’ll educate them on mental health ?

I’m not entirely sure if I will have children for reasons to do with both my physical and mental health but if they do, I’d love to be able to provide them with an environment where they feel like they can be open and honest about their emotions and never bottle up their feelings. I think it’s really important to teach kids about the importance of taking care of your mental health and how to seek out adequate help if things get too hard to handle on your own.

In your opinion do you think there is a connection between what you eat and a persons mental state ?

In most cases yes! Healthy eating is a very important factor in living a healthy lifestyle, which in turn can result in good mental health. While it’s not necessarily a cure for mental illness, it can certainly improve your mental state.


For those who have negative thoughts about their body image what advice would you give them ?

I think negative body image is so common in today’s society where we are constantly surrounded by cosmetic surgeries, photoshop and general unrealistic expectations! I’d tell everyone to be kind to their body and love it, it’s hard to break the habit of looking at yourself in a negative light but try your hardest, focus on the parts you do like rather than the ones you don’t and remind yourself that you are beautiful and deserve love.

Whats your favourite quote ?

My favourite quote is “grow even if you’ve not been watered”, it’s a reminder to ourselves that even if we’ve not necessarily been given the best circumstances to try rise above it and make the most of life regardless.

What do you want your legacy to be ?

I’m not awfully concerned about leaving behind a legacy. I want to simply use the power in my own negative experience to ease the pain of others. When I hear someone tell me that I’ve helped them while they were in a difficult position, I feel like I’ve done my job.

What help did you wish you had recieved at the time of your sucide attempt ?

At the time of my attempt I had already been receiving help, I was seeing counsellors both in and out of school but unfortunately I still felt too overwhelmed to continue living. If you ever feel that the level of help you are receiving isn’t adequate for you, please speak to someone. Mental health professionals will always do anything and everything they can to ensure your safety and well-being.

How do you think parents can idenify whether their kids are having challenges mentally?

I would encourage parents to openly talk to their children about their feelings and emotions. If you notice your child seeming somewhat out of sorts or isolated, address it. It’s normal to feel down or anxious sometimes but if we bottle up these feelings they can become a major problem, opening up a conversation can prevent this!

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