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For The Uninspired Woman: In celebration of Black history Month, we thought it would be a great idea to empower our readers with strong black women who have a story to tell. If you’re interested in the lash industry and what it takes to own your own business this one is for you. Today marks the first Monday of Black History Month and this week we have an interview from the owner of Vera Beauty Sinmi Adekola.

Meet Sinmi Adekola

 How has the positive aspects in your childhood shaped you into the woman you are today ?

I think the main thing that shaped me to be the woman I am today stems from my mother. She instilled a deep sense of self-worth and confidence in me that sometimes I struggled to muster up for myself. She reminded me that even though I was a sensitive person, I was able to do the things I set my mind to. She reminded me I was smart, that I was beautiful and that I was capable of great things.

Where did your passion for beauty derive from?

My passion goes back to when I was 13 and I would go to Primark and buy £1 eyeliner and mascara thinking I was the bee’s knees. As I grew that the passion for makeup and beauty didn’t stop I continued to spend the majority of my wages on makeup and beauty related items. I started a blog and YouTube channel because I was so passionate and to know that I get to do what I love ( beauty) every single day, still blows my mind.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?
In my spare time, which is unfortunately far and few between I like to catch up with my friends and family, spend time painting my nails ( my new fav thing), cooking and trying to catch up on Netflix series that I haven’t been able to watch. It’s important to spend time relaxing and its something I will definitely be doing a lot more of!

VERA Beauty

Can you give us an insight into what a typical day for you would be like?

No two days are ever the same for me! I do like to get up nice and early (not 5am lol), pray, listen to my visualisation and get ready! I often skip breakfast but will defo have a hot drink before starting work. I get into the studio around 9 am each day and prepare for my clients then get cracking, I typically work 10-7/8pm most days but occasionally later. I have a 30-1 hour break and I try my best not to do anything work-related to free my mind up. At the end of the day and give the place a good clean then head home!

What’s the key to hitting your targets?

Show me the key to hitting your targets is to get out of your own way! I don’t think a lot of people realise how much they can achieve if they simply stop the negative self-talk, stop believing that they don’t have enough and started believing in themselves wholeheartedly! That’s step one, then you need to get super clear on what it is you want to achieve. Then make a strategic plan. I could say I want to make £5000 per month and it will never happen unless I intentionally make a plan. How many clients would I need to see? How many products would I  need to sell? Then finally stay focused! Keep your eye on your own path and constantly remind yourself of your targets.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about the Lash Industry ?

People have in terms of running the business, it’s that going on one course is all you need to be successful. Misleading companies that promise people that there £100 investment will make them grands in no time and it’s untrue. I would also say a big misconception for clients of the eyelash industry is that every eyelash artist is the same which unfortunately is not true! there is a Stark difference between eyelash tech and eyelash artists.

Do you find you’ve got more clientele through social media or through word of mouth?

I would say a mixture of the two. I love Instagram and use it to create a beautiful looking feed, showcase my work and share information with people. Which is definitely helped me gain new clients and continues to do so. At a time I have a lot of great clients that love what I do, love me as a person has a very willing and actively tell their friends & family about me



What your favourite quote?

Everything is figureoutable – Marie Forelo

I love this because it is so simple and so true. If it’s been done before it can be done again. If you set your mind to it you will figure it all out.

What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself starting out in the business?

I would say to the younger version of me to get as focused as possible. I would also tell the younger me to get on top of the money stop being so blase because business fluctuates and you can have a great month and the have a not so good one the next. I would tell the younger me it is okay to separate your self from people and things that do not benefit you. When you are trying to grow you HAVE to be selfish.


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