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An interview with Poet Sophia Thakur

For The Uninspired Woman: Poetry is a great way to express yourself  when your feeling down. Some of you may not be great with words but it’s truly a blessing when you can watch others perform a spoken word piece that ressonates and uplifts you. I came across Sophia Thakur via YouTube and was captured by her style of performance. She stood out because she was passionate, soulful, articulate and engaging. In celebration of Black History Month I thought it would be important to introduce you all to another form of expression. Maybe instead of going to the cinema or to a night club a simple trip to a spoken word night or a poetry slam may interest you. 

Sophia recently released her first book “Somebody give this heart a pen”

Meet Sophia Thakur



How has your upbringing shaped you into the woman you are today ?


Well my mother, for as long as I can remember, has allowed wonder to overwhelm her. The new love that she still seems to find in people, things, experiences and events has encouraged me to see the art or beauty inside everything. She’s somebody who has no trouble being still enough in a second to soak it in and that has made me a writer, able to sit with the more minute moments of life and pull poetry.


What’s the biggest misconception people have about you ?

That I believe in the universe and cosmic energies, that I’m caribbean and that I always want to engage in a very deep or high level of conversation. I do plenty of that on stage and whilst building work. Sometimes my mind just wants to be entertained.

Were there times in your life where you felt misunderstood because of your mindset ?

I still very much feel this way. It could be because I don’t spend as much time with other writers or creatives as I should. But my passion is often misunderstood for being ‘extra’ or sometimes even corny. It’s neither and I’m still trying to find a space that can celebrate this.



Does all your poetry derive from real life experiences ?

No not all of it. Some from stories I hear. Some from the ones I hear in my head.


Wonder ft Sheena is absolutely beautiful ! In romantic relationships would you say you express yourself in the same manner as you do in your performance (In terms of the intensity) ?

This is a very good question. I’ve had to ask my boyfriend actually. He’s said that intense is the wrong choice of word for the Sophia in a relationship and I’d tend to agree. My emotions articulate themselves in a digestible way. Of course, I feel a lot. What’s a wave to one might become a Tsunami to me and I express myself as such. So perhaps I’m as intense as my emotions.


“I thank God I was delivered and rewired”  How did you rewire yourself ?

God pulled me into my purpose and had me forget so many other things that I was once attached too. From sports to certain relationships. Until today, I’m most grateful for this kind of rewiring that didn’t demand me fighting myself. The desires just changed.


From acclaimed performance poet Sophia Thakur comes a powerful first collection of poems exploring issues of identity, difference, faith, relationships, fear, loss and joy. Intricate, evocative and dazzling – these are poems that explore the experiences that connect people; they encourage readers to look within and explore the tendencies of the heart.

Her book can be purchased here


What’s your favourite quote ?

Don’t let the devil steal your Joy. My mums favourite lesson to instill.


What celebrity has impacted you the most ?

None really.


When you leave this earth how do you want to be remembered?

As someone who walked fully in their purpose with boldness and was blessed abundantly in doing so. Someone who encouraged expression and pausing on yourself through as many mediums as possible. Someone who continuously challenged their craft.


Sophia has a performance at the jazz cafe on Thursday 7th November 2019, tickets can be purchased here:






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