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Back to basics

For The Uninspired Woman: Of course life will take a toll on you when we are living in a self destructive society that is obsessed with technology. After all it changes the way we interact with people, the way we learn and research has suggested that it may have profound effects on our memories (Gregoire, 2017). But it’s not just technology that’s affecting us, it’s our spirit and the lack of self love. Unfortunately,  not everyone has the opportunity to be surrounded by rich people (rich in health, rich in spirit and rich in action) The older generation have forgotten the art of guiding and teaching the youth.

So how do we drown out all the noise ?


Back To Basics

Answer: Get back to the basics.

Sometimes we forget that our childhood and teenage experiences have a huge impact on us as adults. We came from a system that told us what to study, we choose subjects of our interests, we had physical education once a week and some of us religiously ate chicken and chips after school. When you’ve been programmed with a routine since nursery  for years upon years it’s really challenging to break free from that. Especially for adult creatives that don’t have a particular schedule or those working shift to shift. You may have constant feelings of anxiety and the urge to conform to a lifestyle that is more suitable in societies eyes.

Although many of us went through horrible experiences Some of us were raised to be head of the household, some of us were neglected and some of us were encouraged to follow our wildest dreams. Life as a teenager may have been confusing as well as challenging But think back to a time when you felt wholeheartedly yourself. A moment in time where you shined and never questioned your purpose, you were fulfilled and present.

(Think about it & reflect)

Whatever predominantly took over your life, that you genuinely enjoyed in a healthy way, will most likely bring some peace and comfortability to your stressful adult life.

Here’s an example:

Rochelle was a very reserved girl as a teenager, she attended ballet lessons once a week and was the top of her class. Now as an adult she works as an event organiser, which means she’s constantly out of her comfort zone, interacting with multiple personalities a day whilst managing a crazy schedule.  After reading my blog post she decided to get back to basics and enrol in weekly ballet classes at her local dance studio.  After a month of attending, she described her experience as a euphoric. She made new friends that appreciated the craft and felt positive about life again. Ballet was all about patience and perseverance. In her hour class, she was able to let go of her daily stresses and be present. She wasnt attending the lessons with the intention of being competitive or trying to recreate her childhood she was there because she enjoyed learning about the capabilities of her body. She did it for herself!   



Remember: Things don’t always need to be complicated. Simplify it and take baby steps . You’re amazing

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