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What it really takes to be Kim Kardashian West ( The beauty edition )

For The Uninspired Woman: The glits and glam, the multimillionaire lifestyle, free sponsorships, being deemed the most desirable woman in the world seems very appealing to the average person with low self esteem who seeks fame, money and power. The beauty standards in todays society is driving people insane! It’s important to not  put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to lead a lifestyle that is based upon smart marketing and smoke and mirrors.  Kim Kardashian is a pioneer in her own social media selfie rights.  We are going to break down what it takes to be like Kim Kardashian West the beauty edition.

I aim to inspire but also aim to show people the real deal so you don’t have to succumb to the pressures of today’s beauty standards.




When you’re a celebrity having the perfect glam team will make or break your career. You can go from the best dressed list to the worst dressed list by hiring people that don’t see your vision, don’t understand your goal and lack experience.


When we get ready for parties, events or special occasions we often prep before hand and get things done ourselves.  We may order an expensive outfit online weeks before, go to the hair dressers or do our own hair and unless its our wedding day we often do our own make up and that’s really it. We still look amazing, friends compliments us and there’s always romantic attention. So why feel pressured to live up to Kim Kardashians standards when she takes up to 6 hours to get ready and has a whole team who work together to achieve the desired goal/look for an event. Im sure if you took 6 hours to get ready you would look just as bomb!



Dress designer:Thierry Mugler  Hair: Chris Appleton Make Up: Mario Dedvianovic

Over the years Kim has had the luxury of working and growing with her main make up artist Mario Dedvianovic. A man who has grown with Kim over the years and has broken barriers in terms of make up trends.

When you have a professional make up artist that not only knows the art of illusion, contour and blending. But also travels with you, has access to the best make up products, knows your face inside out and has good energy of course you’re going to look astonishing. To hire a make up artist on his level will cost you £300/ £400 


Skin care

Under all that make up Kim actually suffers with Psoriasis. (I bet you’re loving your skin now! ) She also uses shimmery body make up like a foundation to cover the rest of her body every time she goes out. 

Recently Kim was in the news for spending up to $4000 on skin care products! We all know that Hollywood doesn’t shy away from wanting to look youthful so please don’t feel pressure to have what appears to be amazing skin like Kim when you can barely afford a lush cosmetics face mask. A lot of celebrities promote expensive skin care products when most of them are going to private doctors to get “work” done. 


Unless you have acne, in essence all you need for good skin is: Sleep, Water, Toner, Exfoliater, Face mask, a moisturiser and a decent diet.

Body Sculpting

Kim is known for what society currently deems as one of the best body shapes in the world. Small waist, hips and a big ass on a caucasian woman. She used her sex appeal to brand her body and profited big time (she even sculpted it into a perfume bottle.)


Did you know that every time kim leaves the house she wears girdles, corsets and shape wear to extenuate her curves, pull in her waist and lift her boobs up. She wants to appear as perfect when in reality she’s not. (In fact it’s rumoured that she has enhanced her bum over the years)



Look at some of the closest people to her like Khloé kardashian, Kylie and her best friend Layla they grew hips and ass from no where! These women are having surgery so dont feel pressured to look like people who dont look like themselves.



Theres no harm in wanting to buy nice things and look good but I hope you’ll think twice before comparing yourself to Kim Kardashian West. 

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