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When Friends Fade Level Up

For The Uninspired Woman: We all go through stages in life where we wonder where our social life has gone. Maybe you’re a new mum and your friends don’t want to disturb you or you’ve just left university and everyone has gone back to their cities. Regardless the of the reason as to why people have faded there is a reason. Stop dwelling on what could have prevented this from happening and focus on leveling up. 


Feeling lonely…

It’s reasonable to feel alone and lonely when you’re not interacting with people for days on end. Friends aren’t everything but it is nice to be around people that share similar interests as you. A person can be in a room full of familiar faces and still feel cold and lonely. You shouldn’t have to try hard to get people to value you, be sympathetic towards you or to accept you. Trusting people that have broken you down in the past is a tough pill to swallow. The feeling of not being able to connect with others emotionally is draining.

The relationship and bond that you seek from others will never fully fulfil you because the person you need the most, the person that you should trust with your life and the person that will accept you no matter what is.….Yourself

Trails and tribulations

A majority of us have faced traumatic moments that we haven’t fully dealt with because we weren’t fortunate enough to have the knowledge and tools to overcome them. We often forget to give ourselves a break because we have been so consumed with reacting to the drama or staying away from it completely, that we don’t prioritise time to work on ourselves

Level Up

Law of attraction is real so why not use this time to focus on how you can make improvements in your life rather than focusing on the lack of friends and social interactions you have. Being focused and disciplined to achieve any goal will automatically change your mindset take Shannon as an example:

Shannon felt really lonely, she had a few friends that she would talk to occasionally, her family were nice people but she couldn’t shake off the feelings of being alone and misunderstood. This wasn’t obvious to the average person as she was good at hiding her feelings. After reading this blog post she made a conscious decision to start loving herself. She had planned to go the cinema with her brother to watch a new film, however last minute he bailed on her. Her normal reaction would be to get upset and tell herself that she wasn’t even good enough for people to commit to a simple cinema outing. Normally she would sink into victim mode and be ok with that. Since making the decision to level up and love herself, she decided to attend the cinema alone as she really wanted to see the film. She was nervous at first, but once sat inside with her popcorn and drink she felt fine. In fact because she was a film junky, she signed up to become a member and once a month she watched exclusive films at a discounted price. Although she attends the showings alone, she is far from lonely because she’s on a journey to self love. 

How did she level up ?

Shannon decided to write film reviews and within 6 months she gained a following of two thousand people. She now has a community of people that she interacts with online and met a friend named Karly that creates meet ups for those who love films. Shannon now has a community that she organically was lead to.  



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