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The Difference between you & the person you aspire to be is your mentality

For the Uninspired Woman: As the New Year approaches, new goals arise and we are eager to change and try something new that will push us into the person we desire to be. We come up with strategies and ways to make money but we are forgetting one thing that will give us the ultimate push …

Setting goals for the new year

As the end of the year approaches we begin to reminisce about the good times we had,  the terrible decisions we made and the people we lost. We then tell ourselves that there’s going to be a new shift and change in our lives. Although we cannot control everything we can set goals and we try to stick to them.

Setting goals for the year is really important as it gives us a sense of direction. When completing goals it gives us satisfaction along with a new found confidence. It also improves our ability to be accountable for things and disciplined.

Write it down

It’s important to write your goals down so you have a visual representation of what you need to do rather than having it in your head and relying on youself to remember. 

I prefer to write my goals down on my phone rather than on paper as I spend more time on my phone and I tend to accomplish everything. When I write it down on paper it just sits there.

Do what works for you.


Around the new year people tend to want to eat right, work out and improve as a whole. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that however after a few weeks/ months, we drop back into the old cycle, start slacking and making jokes about how we couldn’t keep up or obtain the plan. It happens to the best of us.

So how do we avoid falling back into the same old habits ?

The best way to avoid falling back into old habits is by changing your mentality !

Let’s take athletes as an example.



Athletes aren’t successful because they’re naturally talented, they’re successful because of their mindset and their mindset contributes to how disciplined they are to their craft. They work extremely hard during training season and obey the rules.

The most talented people don’t always get far, it’s the ones with the will power. They don’t let fear get in the way. They challenging theirselves and are open to growth !

What does that mean for you ?

It means that you have some unhealthy practices that you need to unlearn. It means that you should get inspired and watch videos and read books. The person you want to be already exists you just need to find her ! And be loyal and willing to ! We live in the western world and we have a lot of opportunites work hard and work smart!

See you next week Monday

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