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Surviving Quarantine to do list

For the uninspired woman: To my beautiful readers, thank you so much for supporting me whilst I’ve been on hiatus. I stopped writing for a while because I had carpal tunnel and I wasn’t in the right mental space to empower others when my life did not reflect a powerful headstrong woman. As you know, times are really hard and we are all in lockdown quarantine 2020. I want to provide content to keep you inspired as you may need it now more than ever!

I have written a list on how to survive quarantine. Hope you enjoy xx

Schedule: Every Sunday

Words of Affirmations

As weird as this sounds it works! When you wake up in the morning find a mirror and tell yourself:

“I am amazing”

“I will have a great day”

“I am worthy of respect”

“I am bold, beautiful and intelligent”

“I will work and improve on myself”


Pampering session

It’s  important to make yourself feel good physically. Why not escape for an hour and have  a nice long bath filled with sea salts, essential oils, candles, music and a face mask. No matter what you decide to do, remember that pampering is a form of self love so don’t avoid it.

Zoom Calls

We may not be able to link up with our friends and have a drink in person, but a nice quiz night with alcohol and virtual friends will be the highlight of the week! Best to do this on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening.

Watch your favourite movie

There are so many films that evoke different types of emotion! Need a good cry? Need a spark of inspiration ? Need to be scared shitless ? Then why not have a movie night once a week ?

Read a book

Books are fun! There are so many ways to further your education or leave this world and enter a magical dimension , why not commit to reading lots of books and create an online book club ?

Get some fresh air

Although you should stay home, it’s also healthy to get some fresh air. Go for long walks, bike rides or work out. Don’t feel pressured to stay in your room when you feel like you’re going insane …just stay safe! Wash your hands, wear gloves or a face mask.



I will be posting once a week every Sunday and throughout the week I will post interviews with inspiration women !

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