About Wonita Christine

Who is Wonita Christine ?

A strong inspirational figure

Red Hair, Red Lips, White Blazer.

The Mentality: Wonita Christine represents a woman in control of her own destiny. She is a classy, bossy woman who isn’t afraid to follow her dreams. She is far from perfect yet she uses her anxiety and daily stresses to fuel her passion.

The Look: Having an outstanding presence is crucial in the business world. We believe that every woman should own a suit regardless of whether she is in the business field or not. Start with looking good because it will result feeling good!

The signature White Blazer represents purity in colour, not everyone wants to fork out money for the dry cleaning bill every week so buy a suit of your choice.

The signature Red lip represents femininity and boldness.

The signature Red Hair  isn’t for everyone but for Halloween and festive occasions we do ask you to get that red wig out of your closet!

We believe that with the right mindset and correct attire you will be able to feel inspired and ready to take on the world.

The Website

-For the uninspired woman

We want all our dedicated readers to be inspired by the Wonita Christine movement. We believe that health is wealth and we will have articles to help you become one with your diet. We  believe that it is important to have open constructive conversations about taboo subjects like sex and relationships. We also have a page called be inspired where you can look at other successful women that have inspirational stories.

Events: We have hosted our first event this summer called  Women In Power. We will be holding more events in the future that you can get involved in.

Charity: TBC





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