Tragic Tuesdays

“Recognise fear, say hello to it, become alive, feel the emotions and defeat it by not giving up. Be the best you can be because there is always someone worse off.”

I came across an article on the huffington post titled Diane Von Furstenburg shares her five lessons for women. I was really excited to read this because if you hadn’t noticed by now I love a good’ol inspirational read. Her 5 life mottos that got her through tough times were:

  • The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself
  • Fear is not an option
  • Focus on intention
  • If you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt
  • Wink at your image, smile at your shadow and enjoy the ride

I thought these were good life mottos untill I watched a clip of her saying that the only time she’s ever experienced real sexism was after the US election. Which made me think about how privileged her life may have been prior to the election. To be a former princess, who currently owns a global luxury brand, is the president of the council of fashion designers of America and was listed in 2014 the 68th most powerful women in the world by Forbes, has only experienced real sexism after an election??!! I don’t believe I can personally relate to her mottos that got her through her “tough times”.

This inspired me a 24year old black girl who has been through some shit. To write about my 3 life mottos that got me through my tough times.

  1. We become alive in the time of fear. I first heard this saying in a Nicki Minaj song and it didn’t mean anything to me. In 2015  I hiked the mountains of Austria with my partner in crime. It was the most terrifying rewarding experience of my life. We where at the alpine coaster and instead of taking the route on the map to get to the top. It was my partners idea to hike off the trail.
  • The first level of fear: Climbing the steep parts of the mountains was challenging for me because it was out of my comfort zone and mentally I’d given up before I started.
  • Second level of fear: I have a fear of animals and on our beautiful climb we came across wild cows. My heart beating faster, I just couldn’t walk past them. After 20 minutes of my partner in crime trying to convince me that they’re not going to harm me, she reminded me that they eat grass LOL.  My heart rate returned to normal as I knew for a fact they wouldn’t attack me.
  • Third level of fear: Nearly got electrocuted because of the unknown. My gutt told me we were lost and I just wasnt paying attention to my surroundings and nearly touched the live electric fence. I got shouted out so bad! I cried but I felt the love. I realised that my fear was making me act stupid and I started to pay attention to my surroundings and become alert.
  • Fourth Level of fear: We are officially lost and time is against us. I’m more alive than ever. I’m alert, I can see, im excited, we have mission, Lets do this!!!
  • Last monumental fear: We were climbing higher and higher at the side of the mountain and as I looked back I realised that there was no going back. Dead branches on the floor. My heart started beating faster, my hands where shaking. It was so intense. I couldn’t see the top of the mountains, in that moment I just trusted myself to be brave and I trusted my partner to find a way out. She used her upper body strength to climb up but I couldn’t see her, I just heard her voice and I climbed up. To my surprise we made it back to the trail and could see the entry for the alpine coaster!!

We become alive in the time of fear because all our emotions and feelings are brought to the forefront and you have to deal with that.

2. Never give up on yourself and your ability to rise to the top.  We all go through different types of struggles. To me there is nothing more attractive than a person believing in their self. It comes across as cocky to some. But in order to convince yourself and others that you are going to achieve your goals you have to start saying it out loud. I believe that God gave us talents and every time we focus on our talents we feel a sense of natural happiness within our spirit. I have a friend that is amazing with her hands, she’s good at playing keyboard and good at playing the ukulele. Her dream isn’t to be a musician but every time she practices playing the ukulele her spirit is happy and its contagious. My quote isn’t necessarily just career driven but life driven. Never give up on yourself and your ability to rise to the top.

3. Theres always someone worse off. This saying can’t be used all the time otherwise you end up de valuing your thoughts and suppressing your real emotions. I only use this saying when it comes to petty relationship (all kinds) issues. It actually empowers me and reminds me that i should be grateful about the good things that i do have in my life such as health, opportunity, faith, relationships (all kinds). I think i would stop saying this if i was in a war, held captive, bad health etc.

“Recognise fear, say hello to it, become alive, feel the emotions and defeat it by not giving up  and being the best you can be because there is always someone worse off.”













3 comments on ““Recognise fear, say hello to it, become alive, feel the emotions and defeat it by not giving up. Be the best you can be because there is always someone worse off.”

  1. I totally agree with you when it comes to fear. I’m generally quite risk averse but in the moments when I throw caution to the wind, amazing things happen.


  2. Only by doing will be learn….Bravo to you!


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