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Kylie Jenner admits that she is struggling to keep up with her image || “I am keeping up this lifestyle but I can’t do it forever” ||

Kylie Jenner: “There’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with….. I am not totally innocent because I am keeping up this lifestyle but I can’t do it forever”

Wonita Christine says: Young girls are constantly being pressured to look perfect, Teenagers in 2010 where more concerned with lip gloss, clean eye brows and false lashes however 7 years later you can clearly see a drastic change in our youth. It’s very worrying to see our girls as young as 13 with a full face of make up.  According to girlguiding UK A third of 7 to 10 year-old girls believe that they are judged on their appearance and a quarter feel the need to be perfect.

There are many factors that influence the decision making process of why young girls feel the need to wear a full face of make up to school everyday and constantly keep up  appearances. Life as a teenager can be stressful especially when your funds are low, you’re going through puberty,  discovering your sexuality and ultimately discovering who you really are.  So why put that extra pressure on yourself of having to look amazing 24/7 ??

Lets focus on how and who is influencing them!

kkj klan

Pop cultures most influential family the Kardashian-Jenner clan have influenced social media like no other! Their image is not focused on their education or talents but centered around their image; amazing fashion sense, immaculate make up, perfect hair and desirable bodies. Ultimately they are promoting their lifestyle as a brand and unfortunately a huge amount of people are convinced that the image they portray is 100% them.

Let’s not be fooled they pay a team of people to help them keep up their image: make up artist, hair stylist, clothes stylist, person trainers, nutritionists, plastic surgerns, baby sitters and personal assistants.


This is not an attainable lifestyle for your average teenager in fact it’s not an attainable lifestyle for Kylie Jenner.


On a recent promotional clip of Kylie,19 new spin-off Life of Kylie, the reality star says: “There’s two sides of me, there’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with and who I really am when i’m around my friends….. I am not totally innocent because I am keeping up this lifestyle but I can’t do it forever”


It’s incredibly frustrating to hear that Kylie Jenner who has 94 million followers on instagram, feels pressure to keep up a persona that she created that is not authentically her. Imagine how the teenagers who are part of that 94 million followers, with less opportunity, less money, smart kids who are easy influenced feel.


Whilst we can’t persuade Kylie to tell our youths of today “be yourself, don’t worry about your image too much, focus on being a strong woman with integrity, you dont have to waste money on $300 wigs, learn how to invest your money, double it and then buy your $300 wig.”

The focus should be kept on how the urge to be perfect impacts a teenagers self-esteem as they grow into young adults ?

According to an article based on self-esteem and teenagers on

Good self-esteem helps teenagers try new things, take healthy risks and solve problems. It gives them a solid foundation for their learning and development and will set them up for a healthy and positive future. A young person with healthy self-esteem is more likely to display positive behavioural characteristics, such as:

  • acting independently
  • assuming responsibility
  • taking pride in their accomplishments
  • tolerating frustration
  • attempting new tasks and challenges
  • handling positive and negative emotions well
  • offering assistance to others.

Teenagers with low self-esteem will more than likely be having negative thoughts about their worth and value as a person. Some general signs that you or a person you know has low self-esteem include:

  • avoiding trying new things
  • feeling unloved and unwanted
  • showing emotional indifference
  • negative self-talk and comparisons to others
  • a persistent fear of failure or embarrassment
  • difficulty making friends
  • low levels of motivation and interest
  • being dismissive of compliments irregular feelings of anxiety or stress.


Remember that true beauty comes from our intentions, our intelligence and our kindness which leads to confidence that shines onto our appearance.  Make up is fun and also makes you feel amazing and confident at times but can also ruin your skin and make you look older. If you suffer from bad skin invest some money into great products. Surround yourself with genuine and good people that you get along with, accomplish your goals, have fun and in no time you’ll start to feel better. It’s called maturity 😉







11 comments on “Kylie Jenner admits that she is struggling to keep up with her image || “I am keeping up this lifestyle but I can’t do it forever” ||

  1. very interesting blog. i myself deal with such things and such forth 😉 lol


  2. I can imagine… but gosh, better to stay true to what and who we really are!!
    x finja |


  3. I totally agree with your points


  4. Love this!
    It’s sad though, they are brought up into this life style 😦


  5. Jasmin N

    I’ve never really understood Jenner/Kardashian lifestyle but hey, there are many people in the same train 😀 Fun read!


  6. Elizabeth

    Love this post! I just always think that no one is that perfect but I know it can be hard for some people to not be influenced by the media.


  7. Wow, interesting read.
    Hard to be in the limelight when you think about it


  8. There’s a lot of pressure today because of such perfect images. This is one rason why everyone feels pressured. It takes a lot to break up from such stereotypes and accept the reality


  9. Loved reading about this important topic – I wish young girls would understand that looks aren’t the most important thing, but what’s inside your head and heart.


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