Why is Keisha so obsessed with celebs ??

I have been inspired by many celebrities for different reasons. My family and friends had often judged me for looking up to celebrities. However what they didn’t understand was that growing up as a shy only child and losing my dad to cancer at the age of 13 was very hard on me. I also lost my uncle 3 years later to a random stroke and he was young so it was shock to all the family.  After these events I didn’t believe I had inspirational (in my eyes) family members or friends to be inspired by so why not look up to a celebrity of my choice? I became intrigued with certain celebrities such as  Ciara, Pink, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Each of these celebrities represented an era in my life.

Ciara 2005: My innocent era


Ciara was a tall, soft-spoken, sweet individual who I admired a lot in 2005. She stepped on the scene with her amazing dance skills and catchy tunes. I danced to her music, I was  booty poppin, singing and doing the matrix dance in my living room area. This was a big deal to me because I was one of those dance in your room type teenagers. Not only was I obsessed with her but she happened to be dating my teenage crush Bow Wow LOL. In addition the most sentimental thing about the Ciara era was that my Dad got me her DVD and that was the last christmas present I received from him before he passed away.

Yes Ciara is pretty but her music got my attention and her values got my heart. I would read magazine interviews where she would discuss why she was celibate. I was amazed because at the time I thought being 18 and a virgin was old (LOL that’s 13-year-old me by the way.) Also her rise to fame was because she took a full year  to work hard and be dedicated to her career which meant she sacrificed going to sleep overs, parties and extra activity with her friends which I admired a lot.

Pink: Secret Rebellion  Era


I received Pinks album years after the release date. I just went to HMV and brought a trio of albums. I call this my secret rebellion stage because it was just me in my room with my stereo and the Missundazstood album. Her lyrics spoke to me like no other, in a time an era where I lost my Dad and family issues where deep as hell, I was an insecure, ugly, confused sad teenager and no one had a clue what I was going through. But not once was I clinically depressed and I believe it’s because I had God, hope and Pinks album. Her album made me feel that it was ok to be angry with people, feel mixed emotions and it was ok to say fuck the world and really mean it.

“Don’t let me get me
I’m my own worst enemy
Its bad when you annoy yourself
So irritating
Don’t wanna be my friend no more
I wanna be somebody else “

Her lyrics made me feel ok to hate myself. I know that sounds weird I just mean I was able to be open and honest with my feelings and I felt liberated that she once hated herself to. Make sense??

Queen Bey: In and out era


Queen Beyoncé  this is my favourite picture of her!!! The make up, hair, outfit just looking so golden brown YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

To me Beyoncé can do no wrong. She works hella hard and has talent. What more could you ask for in a superstar?  I call her the “in and out” era because when she has no music out I get on with my life and when she drops her single my life changes I buy her music and start saving and start re-watching her old concerts on YouTube and watching behind the scenes of Beyoncé. Beyonce has a Voice of an Angel 🙂


Nicki Minaj: Found myself era528637_10151140970265972_1825730405_nThis picture was taken after her concert in V.I.P section I was tired and shocked.

I found myself!

People who know of me often think im shy, kind and boring.  I hate being center of attention and it’s takes me awhile to come out of my shell. However I found my voice in performing arts class in college.  I was able to express myself creatively, I had passion, I had drive and I wanted to learn the craft of acting!! A big benefit to my class was the people I met. They where weird, outgoing, funny, down to earth just like me! For once I fitted in and I wasnt scared to be myself!

In this era  Nicki Minaj appeared on my screen with a black long wig, weird facial expressions, bars and character voices. I felt like she was my soul sister and finding out she did performing arts and wanted to be an actress made me understand her personality more. Actors are weird but to the judgemental world we can be deemed as crazy.


Nicki Minaj convinced me that I could do anything  If I just put my mind to it. Take 2011 as a huge example! I won a competition to go to her concert as a V.I.P guest, including a meet and greet afterwards. Just my luck, my dreams of living it up in barbies dream house seemed more distant than ever.  It wasn’t confirmed that our tickets were being shipped to the UK. The person in charge of the competition  was so unprofessional over email and took long to reply to me. Basically he was stringing me along. Her website said we clearly won. I mean, we were the only two girls to win in the UK so what was the problem ??

Well the problem was that the concert was in two weeks and I still had not received my tickets.  I knew I had to speak to Nicki about this matter myself. It was such an amazing coincidence that Nicki was coming to London for promo at the Graham Norton show. So I did what any normal girl would do in such dire circumstances. I got on the graham Norton show.



Yup that’s me 🙂 I was able to speak to Nicki make her laugh and she told me personally I will get you your tickets 🙂 YAY me


Hope you enjoyed this read and got to know me better please comment below! 🙂

6 comments on “Why is Keisha so obsessed with celebs ??

  1. O M G! I remember that episode! 😮 I had seen you tv before i even met you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well nice to meet you and know a little bit about you. I can understand where you coming from. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having celebs as roll models as far as you’re picking the positive things. Ha! -Which you did or are doing.
    I love Pink. She’s one of my favourite too.
    Great personal post and enjoy your weekend. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • oh thank you so much Yh I think growing up it kinda helped…as of now im too focused on my own career but i kno a lot of people find the negative in everything just needed to show a postive outcome. Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. Fun read!! My brothers are significantly older than me so I often felt like an only child… I was also shy growing up, so I lived in a world where I really looked up to celebrities, too… And then I found performing arts in grad school! What an awesome creative outlet!! 😀

    I loved reading this and especially loved that you found a way to get on a show so you could talk to Nicki! You’re awesome. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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