For The Uninspired Woman: February is the month to love and to be loved. But who’s to say we have to be loved by our valentine ? This month we are focusing on self-love and what it means to love & take care of yourself.  Some may call it selfish but I call it selfless.

In celebration on Black History Month in america we will be re posting our Her Story episodes for those who missed it !

How can we love another without learning about the true beauty that lives within us.

What to expect: 

  • Everthing LOVEEEEE

  • Our first GIVE AWAY !!!!!!

  • An exclusive announcement

  • Skin care advice

  • Re post of our Black History Month Episodes

  • Self love articles

  • Interviews with women about self-love

  • Competitions

  • Guest posts


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Wonita-Christine-TWOWe want all our dedicated readers to be inspired by the Wonita Christine movement. Mondays: Be inspired, Tuesdays: Health, Thursday: Sex, Friday: Relationships. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.

Dont forget to #WonitaChristine


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