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Interview: Labelle, owner of The Lounge Studio

For The Uninspired Women: Every Monday we will be posting interviews with women in the creative industry. From female film directors, photographers, Studio owners to actresses, Make Up artists and musicians. We understand how hard it is to keep motivated when you’re in or thinking about joining an industry that is only looked upon as successful if you “make it”  in this society of course. 

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For those interested in modelling, photography , make up and studio space. This week we have an exclusive interview with the lovely owner of The Lounge Studio, Known for her amazing photography and willingness to collaborate with other creatives. Meet  Labelle.


Take us into your dream world, where do you see your life in 10 years time (where are you living, are you married, a celebrity etc.)?

In 10 years time, in a dream world, I would like to have several successful businesses, good health, a close family bond, getting to work around the world and being published in high-end magazines and working on campaigns for big brands. And of course I’d love to own a Frenchie (French Bulldog).

Has social media played a huge part in the growth of your career? 

Social media has definitely played a big role, without it I wouldn’t of had easy access to all the clients and creatives online.  Social media has given me the chance  to share my work with the world.

Why is collaborating important to you ?

Collaborating is VERY important, it allows you to be creative and work alongside other people within the industry. It’s an amazing way to network and get yourself out there while building mutually beneficial professional relationships. However you do have to be very careful that you are not used for other people’s profit, not every collaboration is an opportunity!

The Business



What’s the worst advice you’ve ever got when setting up your studio?

No one warned me how rude some people could be. However I never received any bad advice only doubt that I could make it happen.

Where does your creative vision stem from?

I have grown up in a very creative family who are always bouncing ideas and being supportive of my journey. My granddad was a film director/photographer & artist which has led to a highly creative upbringing where no idea is too big.

As a photographer what defines a good model?

 A good model is someone who first has a great attitude, they are confident yet not cocky and are willing to take direction as well as using their own professional experience and initiative to bring something new and different on set with regards to posing. A good model will also have good communication skills and be able to take constructive criticism, willing to try new and usual things and are able to take rejection (they may not always be what casting directors or agencies are looking for).



What has been your favourite shoot to date and why?

One of my favourite shoots to date was my Golden Goddesses photo-shoot, which was the one with the 4 models in a gold picture frame, and their skin is glowing. It was my first shoot that I really got creative for and come up with the whole concept and prop making. It’s incredible what you can create with some planning and vision. It was such a fun shoot everyone got on so well, so it was easy to create something amazing! It was a shoot that built real friendships with the models and we still work together to this day. This shoot also went viral which completely shocked me!  



What’s your favourite quote?

Every professionally was once a beginner.

When is the right time to cut someone off?

It’s the right time to cut someone off when they are affecting your emotional and mental wellbeing in a negative way. When they are no longer a positive part of your life and are leading you to become more pessimistic.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I am a hobbyist baker in my spare time I enjoy making huge, over the top cakes.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be the studio/s I have created from nothing, a fully functioning business with an income that can support my family.



Labelle is now running workshops for photographers every Wednesday! To find out more information check out her website





See you next Monday were we interview Film maker, Producer & Script Writer  Sinitta Monero.





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