The pee feeling during sex is…..

For the uninspired woman: On Thursday nights we don’t shy away from talking about sex. Thats right we will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. Tonight we will be talking about whether the pee feeling you experience (when he’s hitting all the right spots but you’re not sure whether to release) is urine or squirt cum. 

Now this a very taboo topic because no one ever really talks about squirting. I guess if you watch porn then you’ll be some what educated but even then sometimes squirting looks fake. Regardless, I think it’s good to talk about topics that people are afraid of. I know i’m  not the only one that has the urge to “pee” during a pound (lmfao) but over thinks and is scared to be one with her body so completely ruins the feeling lol.

I have provided two videos below that talk about the orgasms and squirting.

Ask a Porn Star

Duration: 5 minutes


Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Duration: 1hr (conversation about squirting starts at 3 minutes )


If you watched the videos you’ll realise that no one really knows what squiriting is but should we care ?

Maybe we should be asking Men whether they care if its pee or another substance !



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