How To Celebrate Your Birthday All Week

Birthdays are occasions where you are supposed to take one day to be totally selfish, receive tons of gifts and take lots of pictures. So sais society but that can sometimes be unrealistic . Most of us work or have adult responsibilities or you could just be a like-minded individual that prefers to celebrate birthdays for a whole weekend or even a week. If you’re the type to want to groundhog the heck out of your birthday then this article is just for you.

How can I possibly spend a week celebrating my birthday without getting bored you ask?

Well I’m here to give my readers the best example on how to spread your birthday joy throughout the week. I’m going to use the recent celebration of my best friend as an example: For Naomi’s quarter of a century birthday she decided that she wanted to celebrate from Wednesday 8th June (B-DAY) till Saturday night.

Just like christmas you need to get into the festive spirit and there is nothing more festive than decorations. So take a trip to your local celebration shop,home bargains or even the one pound shop.

Birthday decorations:

  • Happy Birthday Banners
  • Birthday Balloons with/out helium depending on your budget
  • Epic huge Happy Birthday badge!  (A Must)

Your aim is to fill the whole house (including bathroom ) or your bedroom with as much decorations as possible. Every time you wake up you want to feel that it is the first day of your birthday.

Everyone is different and has different interests and ideas for their ideal birthday.This weekly birthday is just a guideline to help you.

Wednesday 8th June Naomi Birthday (Day 1)

DSC01151.JPGAshas Indian Resturant.

Whenever me and Naomi travel we love to find  new restaurants. For lunch I decided to reserve a table at a very prestigious Indian restaurant which has had great reviews from Yelp and Tripadvisor.  I decided to book lunch because they had a special lunch time menu at an affordable price which included drinks! We both love Indian food so why not try one of the best Indian restaurants in the city? It’s a smart way to dine posh, eat good with money still in your pockets.  So make sure to check out your favourite restaurants lunch time menu. Naomi also received a complimentary birthday cheese cake! Thank you so much Ashas for providing us with great service.

Asha Indian jpg

Reminder: If you’re planning a birthday for a friend or planning your own birthday just remember  nothing ever goes exactly to plan so try not to stress and go with the flow. After our lunch the plan was to go go-karting however we where too late and had to re-schedule it for the next day. This only worked out because Naomi decided to celebrate all week. Therefore if you’ve planned an activity or your best friend cannot make it to your dinner re schedule!

It’s now dinner time and I booked a reservation at TryThai. I remember Naomi telling me that she loved thai green curry. The city I live has an amazing China town  and hidden was a very popular gem named Trythai. Once again I went on Tripadvisor and Yelp to get a second opinion. I must say thai food is beautiful. I tried vegetarian spring rolls and they tasted much better than chinese restaurants. Naomi thought that it was “very tasty”. TryThai also have signature green teas and cocktails. I got myself a Lychee cocktail and Naomi had Gin and orange Juice as always. Thank you so much TryThai for Naomi’s complimentary chocolate fudge cake.

trythaiAfter this we decided to go with the flow. It’s really important to go with the flow because the best things can happen when not planned.  Next thing you know we ended up in a bar and then went to the cinema to watch Warcraft.Not a random choice as Naomi has played the game for over ten years. I allowed her to indulge in her geeky side for one day. Regardless I enjoyed myself and broadened my outlook into things that interest my friend. Sorry it’s hard to take pictures when you’re having so much fun.

Thursday 9th June.

It’s day one after your birthday or upcoming birthday and you’ve woken up to be surprised by all your decorations, which means you know it’s round 2. The aim of spreading your birthday across various days is that you can get to spend time with different people doing things you like. If you’re on a budget a simple drink after work with your colleagues is fine. I’m sure they will buy you a drink. Perhaps you could even have a family BBQ at your mother’s house on the next day, then take a trip to Blackpool beach with your friends as the evening ends. I’m sure you’re starting to get the gist of it now. Anyway on Thursday we went to go-karting and had an amazing time. Naomi came 1st place as per usual and I came 3rd place out of 5 which I was happy about.


I also had a blogging event to go to that day so I invited Naomi. It was an event called We Got Lost In Music. I must admit it was a bit lame but they offered us free mojitos so we had about six and took some pictures. Above I mention how sometimes its best to just  go with flow. Well we ended up going to a r…..? restaurant again! YUP we love food a lot. So we decided to go to an Indian restaurant called Scene Dining located in spinningfields Manchester and their service was amazing thanks to Rush a waiter who you should ask for when you visit. We met an amazing guy who gave us information on different spices and his recommendation on the menu. The atmosphere was so chilled and relaxed. The restaurant is also located next to a bridge with water underneath it. It was perfect. I would definitely recommend this place and thank you so much for providing Naomi with a complimentary birthday dessert cake! As you have probably guessed getting free desserts on your birthday is a running theme throughout this article. lol


Friday 10th  pamper day aka chill out

Drained and no sleep are not even the words! We took today to chill out in our condo lol. I wish. Depending on what your interests are, sleeping in, watching TV with a glass of wine could potentially be your perfect day in. Getting your cousins to have a pamper day at your house with homemade cocktails and homemade salad may also be your type of celebration. I honestly hope im giving you ideas! Too chilled to take photos.

Saturday 11th June into Sunday morning

More Friends!!! So if you havent read my last post on moving to a new city. Hi there im in a new city so my friendship group is very small and Naomi’s friendship group is growing. Anyway tonight was the night to turn up at the club and chillax with friends. Unfortunately I didn’t take as much pictures as I could have 😦

Lets just say birthday cake was eaten, interesting conversations were brewing, lots of laughter and dancing!!


Naomi’s words: “My birthday extravaganza is over now. I had a great week. Restuarants with free desserts at the end yey. Anyhow I had to act suprised everytime but the lies were real lol but it was my birthday just not technically I guess but in my spirit….back on topic. I also came 1st in every lap in go karting ha im sick felt like a G. I went  to a war museum and  got to release my historian side about WWII on keisha. (I’ve been banned about talking about it unless in a museum. I went partying on the weekend and the dj was dead af but I  had great company. So I had good times

Thank you very much for reading my blog post. I hope you are able to use this an example to have an amazing birthday this year or next year! I would like to welcome my new readers don’t be shy to subscribe to my page so you can be the first to know when I post my articles. Just click the follow button located on the right hand side below the calendar on my page.





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  1. Thai food is one of my favourites too – Yet another great article.

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