The Best Way To Spend Quality Time With Your Friends.

For The Uninspired Woman:  It’s 2018 which means being socially detached from real life is very common. You may engage in conversations with your friends via phone calls or texts but that doesn’t mean you’re really connecting. So why not spend quality time with your friends!

Here is a mini plan on how do it and how to execute it the right way.!

The Importance Of Combining Naughty Treats With Quality Time

Afternoon tea gives you the perfect opportunity to snack, try new treats whilst looking cute and engaging in conversations. Quality time is incredibly important when it comes to creating a secure sisterhood. When women come together something magical happens.

A sisterhood is what we strive for, it is a place where you can talk about your passions, ask for advice, encourage each other and create inside jokes.

Lets get started…..

Start Planning


If you’re surrounded by a bunch of fabulous ladies that tend to be indecisive when it comes to making decisions on where to eat. Use your initiative to take control and plan a month in advance.

Once you’ve decided on what you want to do, present your idea to the ladies in a group chat/ text just like this:

“Greetings wonderful ladies, On the 20th of February. I’ve organised an afternoon tea at Map Masions in Dalston at 2pm. I would love for us all to meet and catch up. Please let me know if you’re available for this date as i would love us altogether and I’ll be open to working your schedules. Look forward to your response”

The aim of the text message is to indicate that you’re in charge, you’re serious about meeting up, you’ve considered that they might be busy hence planning it a month in advance and you’re willing to make changes.  <- Very responsible !


Why Not Try Afternoon Tea ??

Afternoon Tea in 2018 is super trendy. Not only are you embracing the British culture but you’re embracing something different! The menu normally consists of champagne,  uniques teas, hot chocolates, canapes, tasty sandwiches and traditional scones with clotted cream and jam.

You can find discounted offers on websites like Wowcher and Groupon


Dress to impress!

It’s very easy for us to neglect our friends when staring new romantic relationships, taking on more hours at work and dealing with real life dramas.  However that does not give you the excuse to not make an effort to look good. Lift your spirit and dress to impress.

Feeling insecure ??

Not all of us are fashionistas with what society deems as the perfect body. So here’s a little reminder to make you feel better.

Every girl is unique and has her own unique style. Take the talk show hosts from The Real Daytime as an example, they’re beautiful women that express their individuality in different ways.

The real fashion

The Real Again

Here is our version of Dressing to impress … ..

Bonding Time


Some may argue that bonding with friends is a chance to escape real life and others see it as a opportuinity to confront real life issues.

For those who want an escape.

The best way to bond in your friendship circle is to create a non judgemental environment which doesn’t focus on stress. Focus on drinks, compliments and take a bunch of celfies. This is your chance to let loose and vent about the rubbish sex you had lol.

For those who want to confront reality.

You can still have fun but make sure you dedicate some time to have an open discussion about the stresses one faces. It’s never easy to confront issues and let your guard down so be sure that you and the group are ready to be supportive to one another.



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Wonita-Christine-TWOWe want all our dedicated readers to be inspired by the Wonita Christine movement. We believe that health is wealth and we will have articles to help you become one with your diet. We  believe that it is important to have open constructive conversations about taboo subjects like sex and relationships. We also have a page called be inspired where you can look at other successful women that have inspirational stories.

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    Next outing, STK!

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