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Naeemahs Take On Female Empowerment

For The Uninspired WomanNaeemah recently tweeted “To support women we should stop making assumptions based off stereotypes. We should appreciate our differences. We should be patient, loving, forgiving and understanding” Lets get some wisdom on Wednesday from Naeemah about the importance of female empowerment. 

Some Wisdom On Wednesday


Meet Graphic designer & old friend Naeemah

What Motivates and inspires you ?

I’m mostly motivated by my own experiences and the people close to me. I try to constantly remind myself of how far I’ve come and how much i’ve achieved. I think this is important for everyone to do as it’s easy to forget exactly what you’re capable of and the achievements you’ve made.

My inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere. Most of my inspiration comes from people, friends, strangers or family. I’m interested in what everyone else is interested in and I love asking people about themselves and their interests.

When im alone I get my influences from architecture, not just for photography but everything I create. I love looking for complex structures and I’ve often got my head tilted upwards at the skyline.

Walks in the nature often get my creative juices flowing and really help me think about things from a different perspective.


The importance of Female Empowerment.

These days it’s easy to catch the I support empowering female train. But are you jumping on for a free ride or are you making an effort to support and encourage the women in your everyday lives. ? (Thoughts for readers )

Do you have any strong female figures in your life ?

My mum and Grandma are total badasses. My G-Ma, immigrated from Ghana in the 1960’s with no money and no English. She subsequently raised three children in an extremely abusive relationship and never stopped working hard to provide for them despite the problems in her marriage. When she passed away she left her house and her savings to my mum, aunt and uncle. We were all shocked at how much she had put away for everyone because she only ever worked in low paid jobs like cleaning or cafeterias. She’s my hero because her drive has inspired the generations after her and without her none of us would be here.

Like my G-ma , I’ve only ever known my mum to provide and work hard. I remember growing up I’d often have to look after my younger sister whilst she worked late to pay the bills, even till this day she works crazy hours and I make sure there’s food for her and the house is clean when she gets in. I definitely get my drive from my mum, she helped me understand from a young age just what I wanted to do and how to push myself to excel.

It’s nice to see that you’re experience of them has driven you to excel in your life. With that being said what advice would you give to those woman who don’t have the drive and are at home too scared to ask other another females advice?

If you don’t ask, how else will you get the information you need? Talking to people can be daunting especially at events ect. However if you really want to learn the best way to do that is by example.

You recently tweeted:

“To support women we should stop making assumptions based off stereotypes. We should appreciate our differences. We should be patient, loving, forgiving and understanding”

Some may say that you’re expecting too much ?

I don’t actually expect much from people. I do however feel as though there are some people who aim to support women but don’t actually follow through and it becomes more of a trend or gimmick.

Has the lack of female support you received in the past ever stopped you from progressing ? 

Never. The only thing that ever stopped me was myself. 

A lot of  people have this “no new friends” mentality. Would you say that you need to be someones friend in order to support them ?

Not at all. The smallest things can be considered as support. I’m grateful for people just liking and sharing my work online. I think it’s best to be more focused on what you’re doing to support yourself and keeping your creative “beast” alive 

What do you want your legacy to be ?

want to leave this earth knowing I inspired people to be happy and to do what they love.







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