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Join the wave and Meet UK Artist Pre Wavy

For The Uninspired Woman: Meet UK Artist and family to the website Pre Wavy. I had the luxury of recording her latest performance at the Vinyl Cafe in Portobello road. It’s important that we support up & coming UK female artist. Known for her Wavy  personality and freestyles. I made it my mission to get a sit down interview with her. Be inspired.

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Can you describe one pivotal moment in your life that shaped you into the Woman you are today ?

I remember I was about 17 when I left my foster home. I didn’t know my parents so I was alone in the big bad world.  Although it wasn’t easy to ignore certain factors,  I made a promise to myself that I would never end up like the typical statistics from those who came from care.  I’ve always made sure to push to be a better me.

Where does the name Pre Wavy derive from ?

I’ve  carried the name Pre Pre or Pre since secondary school. After school finished I came out my shell completely, I socialised and  met new people.  They would often comment on  how wavy I was and how much fun I was to be around. I guess it was my charisma. Ever since then I have been the infamous Pre Wavy

Who were your musical influences growing up ?

My musically influences growing up came from the USA. I was such a big fan of the Hip Hop scene and always inspired to be a rapper and entertainer myself one day.

When did you fall in love with music ?

I’ve always loved music! But I could honestly say I fell in love when I was first was taken to Notting hill carnival as a child! The culture, music, atmosphere everything just caught my attention differently. I loved how everyone was so happy dancing and singing along, I definitely wanted to be on stage myself one day.





Why is it impotant to write your own music ?

I have a message to share to the world through music, everything I write comes from some sort of experience I went through or simply from my creative mind. It’s so important for me to write my own music.  I find pleasure in writing and combining the two.

Do you like UK music if so why ?

Of course I love UK music,  Growing up in the UK we would always idolise American artists but now the younger generation are looking up to UK artists and I love it. I think we have come a very long way.

If you had to collaborate with one artist who would it be ?

Mable or Miss Banks.

Miss Banks: I love her passion, work ethic, flow and charisma.

Mable: is a new artist but her voice is just incredible, I believe a track with her vocals and my Barz would light up the UK scene .




How important is it to be an independent person ?

It’s very important to be an independent person because you create your own lane, own goals to hit and your only competition is yourself. Personal independence  has boosted my confidence, I’m more likely to try new things and I am less reliant on others. 


Where do you see your music career in the next 3-5 years ?

In the next few years I see my music career taking off tremendously. I’m working on an EP which is due to be out by the end of 2018. I’m praying that it will be successful and open up more doors for myself.


What do you want your legacy to be ?

We all want to remembered for something!
When growing up we would all believe we was destined for big things & to be honest nothing has changed. I want to inspire others through my music & journey. I want to be remembered for entertaining society positively by making everyone smile through the sound of hip hop and grime and genuinely pushing that stigma away that you have to be rough and aggressive to be a rapper. Nothing was easy growing up for me and I just wanna show anything is possible you set your mind too.



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