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Finding Your Voice In Social Situations

For The Uninspired Woman: Isn’t it frustrating when you go out for drinks with your friends, work colleagues or your partner and you’re stuck in your introverted shell struggling to connect whilst being overshadowed by the loudest person in the room.

You have thoughts and opionions but you can’t quite get them out, so you nodd and laugh at their crappy jokes.

It’s important to find your voice in these situations especially if it’s something you struggle with.

Losing your voice

Losing your voice is a process that happens slowly over time for many different reasons. Maybe you’re constantly in the presence of people who dismiss your thoughts and under value your opinion ?.

Maybe you’re around others who overshadow you, not leaving you any room to shine?

Could it be that someone has financial power over you making it hard to be a decision maker in your own home, leaving you little to no room to manoeuver (which is very toxic by the way).

Whatever the reason, let’s hold ourselves accountable and make a change.

Self doubt

Finding your voice requires you to be confident in your beliefs.

Being rigged with constant self doubt only holds you back in social situations and makes it easier for others to overwhelm you with unsolicited advice and information.  Self doubt is natural, but when you over think and it shows and it scream insecure which is a very unattractive trait.


As adults, we love to have what appears to be intellectual conversations. In other word conversations about politics, the economy, social trends and technology. We use big words to show off our level of intelligence. But the truth is a majority of the time, people are just commenting on the current trends with no real solutions, no industry knowledge or fact checks. All they have is an influenced opinion on the subject that was fed to them through bias media.

Which makes it great for you if you’re just finding your voice because all you need to do is find comfort in expressing how you feel about what’s going on in the world. Which leads to my next point knowledge!

Knowledge is power !

Don’t forget that

The person with the most knowledge in the room isn’t always the loudest in the room. Sometimes the person with the most knowledge chimes in when they feel it’s absolutely  imperative to the conversation.

Be knowledgeable on topics that you’re passionate about,  that way it won’t feel like homework. It’s also important to speak from experience so even if you haven’t read a certain book or watched a certain movie maybe you can relate through your own experiences.

The people around you

Are the most important.

If you’re not feeling empowered, uplifted and positive a majority of the time you’re around your close group of friends or family, then it’s worth taking some space to reflect on how that’s affecting you, especially when you have no voice.

It’s not rocket science that we tend to feel comfortable around people who make us feel good. Try and surround yourself with people who make you feel good, people that share the same passions as you and see how that affects you.




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